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The '''German Society for Plant Sciences''' (also known as '''German Botanical Society''', '''''Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft''''', '''DBG''') is a non-profit network for plant sciences and botany in the German speaking area. It represents plant scientists, promotes scientific botany nationally and internationally. It was founded 1882 at Eisenach, Germany. In September 2015 it comprises 920 individual members and persons working or interested in plant science. It integrates all plant science disciplines, like Botany#Plant ecology|plant ecology, Botany#Plant biochemistry|plant biochemistry, Botany#Genetics|plant genetics, Botany#Evolution|evolution, Botany#Plant physiology|plant physiology, Botany#Plant anatomy and morphology|morphology and Botany#Systematic botany|taxonomy. The society supports young scientists, unites all generations and is member of the ''Federation of European Societies for Plant Biology...
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